Friday, October 28, 2011

Kind of Oops Romper Re-do

I bought Shubu some long-sleeved rompers for our trip to New York this Christmas when they went on sale a few weeks ago, thinking she would be in 12 month clothes around the age of, oh, I don't know, 12 months. Well, I will never learn my lesson, apparently; she started wearing 12 month clothes at 8 months and it is too dang hot in Miami to wear long sleeves right now.

My first thought was to just rip the seam and remove the sleeves. Simple, no? However, after I started ripping, I found that the seam also attached the binding on the short part of the sleeve. Oops. I stitched the binding back on in quite the mediocre fashion. It looks a bit like how I imagine Mary from the Little House on the Prairie series' sewing looked. You know, after the fever that took her sight. The other sleeve I just cut as closely as possible to the seam and left the raw edge inside.
If no one looks too closely at the back of her left sleeve, I'll call it a success! And if they do look too closely, I'll explain that it was mended by a blind girl, struck by scarlet fever and a stroke. If they judge that, they're assholes.

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