Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick-n-Dirty Wipes Container Craft

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't imply that it's a dirty-wipes craft; that's a little gross. I order all of my diapering supplies from with my Amazon Mom account. While it is definitely the best value for my money (well, since I'm not cloth diapering), the bulk packaging is not the most attractive. I took my Pampers wipes box...

And just added a piece of scrapbooking paper that I thought was cute.

I packing-taped it to death. If I were going to make this for someone else, I would have Mod-Podged it, and used a coordinating paper on the other three sides of the box. Since it was "just" for me, I didn't care about the other sides, since I can't see them from its spot on the changing table shelf.

The sheet of paper was 19 cents, the box was already here (free) and the packing tape... let's guess I used 6 cents worth, to bring the total cost of this craft to a whopping quarter!

I plan to eventually cover a couple of the plastic wipes dispensers with a coordinating paper. Also, if I had realized I would be publishing this photo, I would have taken the clothing off the top of the changing pad, ha ha.

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