Friday, November 18, 2011

Board Game Covers

This might be on the anal-retentive side, but I did not like looking at the hodge podge of board game boxes on my living room shelf (ok, it is definitely on the anal-retentive side).

So I decided to cover the boxes with plain craft paper and put coordinating labels and ribbon wrapping on them. We also had some plain white boxes from Ikea that fit in our Expedit shelving system. The boxes were a bit boring, and frankly, too shiny for my taste. I covered the front facet with fabric and Mod Podge, and then attached the metal hardware. It was tough to pry off the metal that wrapped the handle-holes, but not too difficult to hammer them back on. I think the shelf looks much better with the navy and green accents. Sadly, I didn't take any "during" photos, but both of these projects are pretty easy to figure out without them.

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