Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Must-have Baby Items

I have a feeling that this is going to be a series post, as I can never make a comprehensive list in one try, but I have several pregnant or new-mom friends, and I keep referring them to the same products. I might as well compile them! Prerequisite every baby and every mom is different, blah blah blah, but these were my favorite or life-saving items with Shubu.

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper
Shubu slept in this every night until she was almost six months old. I think the angle prevented reflux, plus the mesh sides made it almost like a snug little hammock. The only thing that I disliked about this was that I could not turn her head to one side or the other, and she naturally wanted to turn her head to the right. This led to the beginnings of plagiocephaly, but we carefully positioned her at other times and gave her lots of tummy time and baby-wearing time, and her little coconut is as round as can be today. I loved that this could easily be brought into the living room, so I could sleep on the couch with her if my husband needed more sleep.
Ergo Baby Carrier
I. Love. My. Ergo. I am very "into" wearing my baby. Although I somewhat agree with the philosophies behind attachment parenting, I really do it because I enjoy it. I love to bend my head and kiss her soft hair, or look into her eyes when we pass something exciting on the street. I'd rather have her stuck to my belly or back while I walk the dog or do errands than in another seat. That said, I have tried the BabyBjorn Air (gave me back pain), the Moby (jeez, not enough time in the day to get it wrapped- though nice for new newborns), and a Hotsling (loved it, till I lost 30 pounds and mine was too big). The Ergo is the most comfortable, even with a 20 pounder! The only drawback in my opinion, is that it is too bulky to be very portable. I can't just stuff it in my diaper bag like a sling.

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