Friday, December 30, 2011

Spreading the News

We broke the news about little UB (Urban Banjo) to our families on Christmas morning. Each person got a calendar with a different picture of Shubu on each month. Most were themed (an orange-and-black striped outfit in October, for example), but July's was of Shubu wearing a "Big Sister" onesie and holding the sonogram. I had filled in each family member's birthday and anniversary, and on July 13, "Baby H 2.0 Due Date!" It was fun to see each person slowly "get it". My favorite was my mother-in-law, who was so touched at the calendar concept (her late mother used to do the birthday calendars) that she never made it to July. Everyone else had already seen it and shrieked, and we had to convince her to sit down and look at it more carefully.

With my Facebook friends, I had to be a little more cheeky. I posted an album with pictures of a "bump" road sign, a jar of Prego sauce, a pea pod, a hamburger bun in an oven, and finally the Big Sister/sonogram photo. I can't wait to see little UB again next week!

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