Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frisco Moms CAN DO Canned Food Drive

Hi, Frisco Moms! We are getting off our tushies and doing a food drive. I'm calling it the CAN DO food drive because as a mom of two pretty little kids, I feel like I "can't" do much to help, I "can't" get out and socialize, but you know what I CAN DO? I can go to a few neighbors' homes and give them a flyer this week, and then I can go back and pick up canned goods. Here's how it works:

1. Print out some flyers. There are 4 to a page. Let your kids color the back if you'd like.
2. Stick 'em on your neighbors' doors or mailboxes.
3. On Saturday, October 19, stop by their homes and check for canned goods. If you're really ballsy, knock on the door and bug them again.
4. Bring the canned goods to Nicole's house. Where's Nicole's house? Call or text her at 214-862-7430, or you can email her ahead of time at for the details.
5. Feel AWESOME about helping needy families.

Easy peasey, huh? You can hand out the flyers with your kids walking beside you, or riding in the wagon or stroller. You can haul them along to pick up the cans. ALL OF US can accomplish this. If you get cans from 4 neighbors, great. If you plaster your whole block and the one next to it? Even better. Once all the cans are dropped off, a few of us will sort out the expired and damaged cans, take some pics for the Frisco Moms website, and take them to the Frisco Family Services food pantry. You CAN DO this, and I can, too.

Here's the link again for flyers:

UPDATE: You can also ask Nicole for alternative drop-off locations, and buddy up with a mom friend to make one big drop-off. Be sure to follow Frisco Moms on Facebook! 

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